M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25


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Dec 13, 2004
Thank you!
Well, i don't think it is the best one, but i try my best :rolleyes:

... and suddenly I noticed that there were no more paper parts for the engine. There are only a few tubes and levers left and that’s all!

First, I bent connecting pipe between the radiator and the water pump, which poured cold water into the pump,
accelerating it into five blocks. I took a wire with insulation of a suitable diameter.

And then I had to connect the throttle levers to all five carburetors,
But I was worried that later it would interfere with the alignment of the carburetors when connecting the distribution pipe from the filters.
So I did the opposite - first I glued the pipe and aligned all five carburetors, and then I added levers. For a while I felt like a jeweler :-D
Along the way, here and there I broke some parts and glued it back. The whole unit has become very fragile in the hands.
Also added fuel hoses leading from carburetors to fuel pumps.
I did it from scratch because the developer didn't plan it in design. (Now you can definitely start this engine! :))
The last two details - the upper connecting rods between the radiator and the engine and ... the engine is ready!

Welcome - Chrysler A57 Multibank!

Now I take a breath :)
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