Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers Props


Aug 1, 2009
Howdee, fans!

You probably remember that it was pretty difficult for me to find out the size of Buck's and Hawk's guns. According to new references provided by our esteemed @cylongirl all Buck Rogers gun models (except for the poster gun) were resized. They are now 7 % larger than before which should bring them more to the actual size of the real prop. Measurements were taken from Jenny's resin replica, making the gun 30 cm long (the first was 28 cm long). The parts layout was optimized so that the file can be printed on A4 and letter size paper without issues. I have left the optional part to prolong the gun just in case. You will find the new versions in the Resource section. Paperaviation still has the old files; I'll have to contact Martin and ask him to replace them.

Have fun and enjoy! :)