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    A list of Rods?

    I was planning on getting some crochet rods but I know I am going to need bigger ones for various projects. I wanted top get these holes pre-cut if I can, and to also have those on hand so i dont have to put a given project on hold to go out and get a tool I could of had on hand. It's the CDO in...
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    Project S.A.M.

    Following with email note ON WOW!
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    A list of Rods?

    I've looked and searched and I cant seem to find a good list of Pipe or rod sizes that would be good to have on hand. I am about to start a project of building a Tool Caddy, and would like to see about getting these on hand. Thanks for your help
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    New Galactica Hangar 01 and 02

    Sorry, I was on auto Pilot. No offense to you cylongirl, It really is an amazing build! .
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    New Galactica Hangar 01 and 02

    I think at this point, By this time next year he'll have half the ship built
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    Hello from the Great White North...

    Take your time. Start small if need be, I just reuinted with my daughter for the first time in 18 years. This was back on Thanksgiving. I know how time and things can get away from you. No worries, Its all about enjoying yourself.
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    Buck Rogers Land Rover

    Is that SketchUp? If so, What version and is it the free one? Also, Do you use any special plugins? Thanks For the answers the the cup of awesome-ness
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    Daedric Sword Build

    Another update. The Hilt is done to an existent. I am currently trying to decided how to proceed with the blade. Not only that, I need to find a way to keep ot straight while building it up. The hilt so far has been the most challenging. To get the creases right with all the different folds in...
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    I'm tired, need a vacation.

    I would like to second Rhaven's motion. I have never heard of this thing until your post and would put it next inline to build when finished. Yours is one of two models I am looking forward to seeing finished. The other one is the Landmaster from Damnation Alley...
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    The GOD folder.Easy access to everything in your computer!

    I can vouch for this, Its a great tip that gives you everything under the hood to mess with when it comes to windows. first found this at techspot (Im a subscriber). Here is the article
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    Daedric Sword Build

    An Update to what the Daedric sword looks like so far. I had to rebuild the pummel, I made the original out regular 24 pound paper and some how the pummel would not fit on to the handle. The handle had to be rebuild as well. Instead of building each side. I built it level by level. There are...
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    Norton Deletes Pepakura Designer exe

    Ya Super Weird. Thats why I posted a thread on it. I checked everything and all is fine on the install end. I also have an email in to Nortons support.
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    Norton Deletes Pepakura Designer exe

    That is why I started a thread on it, I downloaded it from the site and when it got deleted it threw me back. I went ahead and installed it on a VM and then scanned the the system on the VM. Everything checked out. It has to be a false positive. But, Just incase some one else has the same...
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    Norton Deletes Pepakura Designer exe

    I am looking to build a model and wanted to have the ease of use of Pepakura Designer. When I download it from the Pepakura site my Nortons 2015 deletes it with WS.Reputation.1 found I'm not infected, but a little concerned if this is just an isolated event or is this something that is known? I...
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    Comment by 'GyverX' in media 'Imported Item'

    Just awesome, I'm Impressed