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    It would help, I'm not necessarily aware of them. Though if they're the ones I think, I imagine you're wrong about the types....
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    True in some ways...

    I get your point, but that’s a pretty debatable classification, pending which source you use. Remember; designations made by later publications do not always match up with pre-production and production terms. I fact, many production concepts never hit the screen and are forgotten.

    Even during the making of the shows and movies, there are different reference points.

    Roddenberry tried to watchdog this, but there were a lot of people working on his project. After his retirement from direct producing, things changed even more. Each new producer and each new film director added his own concept of "canon" which was not always consistent with previous or future presentations; either on the script or production sheet, or even in the final film product.

    At this point, it's very difficult to have a linear or consistent work of terminology, as my experience is very different from that of those weaned on mass production materials and new series and films. Continuity is a goal, but a difficult one in an industry more concerned with timelines and present effect.

    The shuttles suffered from this continuity issue. Many people, until certain publications came out, weren’t even aware of the shuttles used in TMP, unless very sharp eyes in the shuttle bay scene. The shuttles in ST III were never used in scenes other than the space dock and on earth, though designed for a bigger role, AEB the design of the engines and the larger starships introduced in that movie. By the time ST V came out, the productions teams had seen big changes and the props, shuttles, and other story devices reflected the director’s desire to have a more combat enhanced look for a more action oriented film.


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