Little Nellie Autogyro

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    Oct 5, 2013
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    After doing an internet search for a bit to try and find if there is any paper models of Ken Wallis' autogyro, I wasn't able to find any for the moment. I know there are models of autogyros out there, but I need to see if any are close enough to Ken Wallis' ARMY submission, that I can mod the parts. the meantime of my search, after having typed in Little Nellie paper model, this is a pic that popped up.
    I got a laugh out of it because the Little Nellie part of it, told the computer that what I really needed was a little house on the prairie model. After looking at this guy's page and his recreating walnut grove in 1/87th, with all the scenery bits, I think the computer may have known something about myself that I didnt know.
    Doing this in paper with great textures would be cool. model series 2009-2010 012 PORTFOLLIO#1.jpg

    admittedly though, I love dioramas and small scale villages, so its actually pretty cool.
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    A wile back, I was also looking for the little Nellie. I started to make one and got carried away and made one for warhammer using the Little Nellie as an inspirational. The build thread was done a defunct site so I only posted the finished product here.
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