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    I used to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. You would not believe what makes a great knife, and just how easy it can be made, then made to decompose, and be flushed away.

    Funny, one weapon used in the style of Kung Fu I studied was quite simple, and there is nothing illegal about carrying it. You usually make the wooden handle slightly smaller than the width of your palm, and the blunt steel part. 1.4" (.250") in diameter, an inch long. You'd be surprised how a series of quarter in diameter, one inch deep holes in your head will ruin your day. Actually, any place on your body, this will disable you. If you know pressure points, the injuries are permanent.

    Hand Weapon.jpg Hand Weapon-a.jpg
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    I always lived with the idea that "anything can be used as a weapon," along with "you can do anthing, if you're willing to live with the consequences." I figured the last one out in high school...and consequently, spent some time in detention, assigned seats on the school bus, and so on.

    I had a friend who showed me how to make razor blades out of cigarette filters, but as I don't smoke...

    In our dojo, we trained a little with kubatons. I have an aluminum one I really like. I remember my grandmother (who was in her late 70s or early 80s at the time) showing me how she learned to use one in a self defense class. Yes, I got beat up by a 98 pound little old lady...