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Nov 14, 2007
IT's hard to believe that scene is 13 years old!
Probably still looks about the same.

A really cool thing happened that night on the bridge. We had talked to an engineer in Iaeger, by the coal tower, while he was sitting in his cab. He saw us follow him all the way to Bluefield. While we were standing on top of the bridge looking at the trains, a van stopped behind us. It was the engineer in his ride to a hotel. He stopped for a few minutes and told us some things about the trip, and where he'd seen us. What was interesting is that we were not in our vehicle, so he recognized us, and not our white Jeep (which is probably why he recognized us all day to begin with). The train in this picture may have been his, coming in, I don't know for sure anymore.


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Apr 4, 2005
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It looks like GE is the order of the day.

And people wonder why they abreviate my screen name to GEC... (although ironically all of these GEs are "B"s. don't worry, i have plenty more that fit the name)


lester perry

Alright guys I have a mirror on the wall at th end of the yard and was goofing around with camera one day. this is what I ended up with. I,'ll have to take another angle to show the true result of mirror


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Nov 23, 2002
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Two questions and one picture

Today, after a pause I reread some threads here on the Gauge, and therefore I browsed the actual contests going on. Now I am somewhat off the tracks :)mrgreen:), because I'm left with two questions for our moderators:

- Is this thread a real contest - and when it is, when is the deadline for voting? (There was another photo contest for Leap Month, which is closed now. But this contest here already started in July 2007???? :confused:)

- There also was the 'Layout Party 07/08' which ended at 1/15/08. So far I didn't find a remark about voting. WAS there a voting, or did I look in the wrong place? :oops: Just curious...


Now for this thread I did some digging and found a pic. Here is a middle-sized Swiss yard:

This is a view down on the yards of OLTEN, a major RR knot of Switzerland where 5 important main lines of our country meet. There is quite a lot going on - we have some 1000 trains a day through here. (No typo, yes: THOUSAND :cool:)

Best of all, you still can get quite near the trains legally. Or you can walk onto a nice hill overlooking the whole yard. That's where I made this pic - and it is only 10 minutes from my home. :thumb::thumb::thumb: Of course, also the pedestrian passage across all the tracks is a fantastic vantage point...

From front to back you see one mainline (3 tracks, to Basel), then the passenger yard (lighter, wider spread tracks, up to the blue-white-blue striped double decker train). Next are four main lines leading eastward (the passenger train with a red loco is heading for Zurich), and the rest is the freight yard proper. In the right background you even see the engine houses. Quite a place for railfans! :wave:




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Apr 15, 2006
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Do Under layout Staging Yards count? mines going to be 15-18" wide x 12' long with a total of 7 tracks running down the whole 12' as a stub ended yard. Thats 72' of tracks for a yard :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I know thats still nothing compared to some of your guys yards but this will be PLENTY of room for me store and stage trains.