Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads


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Jul 10, 2013
Hello everyone, I recently built Gary Pilsworth's 20 million miles to Earth rocket at smaller than pdf size and I used copper paper for details. The grey paper I used is thicker than normal card stock, so it krinkled a little on the small parts. Also I had some printed sheets of my Icarus burnt and unburnt that I had to test build. So im sharing them here, thank you.

Icarus built 92017.png 20 million miles to earth GP build multi.png
thanks Zathros!
Except for some small details, finished this off.
slide out back hatch on sky 1 for the battery and switch, magnets join sky and diver.
Threw in some lights just to see.
Used gold paper, and it's 1/2 size.
Next time doing Gary's at full size and I changed the color to a brassy kind of brown.

skydiver pm multi build pic 2.JPG

skydiver pm multi build pic 1.JPG skydiver pm multi build pic 2.JPG
skydiver pm multi build pic 3.png
Nice collection you have going there. Really great works. ;)
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I kind of picture this alternate universe retro starships with just a 4-6 man crew and the Klingon kind of a Ming the merciless type of character.
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It looks like Captain Future's Comet! :)


My cat knocked over my RC 1701 model normal size and the soldering broke on one nacelle so I threw this together.

then STC [star trek continues] had part one of their final episode with a Romulan bird of prey. I have pestered them for that for over a year, its nice to see them do one!
star trek continues romulan.png

and a clean up of the original, cant confirm what they lit it up for the test as, but I have heard it was light blue domes with amber ports. most people go with green domes and white ports.
romulan bird of prey beautyshot.png
Ming-ons is perfect!
one of Spock's mental conceptions changing a splintered timeline I would imagine the Retroverse being.
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