Ron Gross book mentions me!

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Feb 9, 2004
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I have corresponded with Ron Gross for MANY years. He is an artist who built the first scratch-built Lost In Space Jupiter 2 model before any kits were on the market. He extensively researched plans and blueprints to make his first drawings that he chronicles in a newly released book. Ron was also contacted by Polar lights for their initial design and release of their plastic model kit. Ron had input on the model and painted the artwork used on the box cover.

I first contacted Ron in 2002 when I was designing my Jupiter 2 paper model. Ron was gracious enough to send me every drawing he made at the time and I based my paper model design from his dimensions. I had quite a bit designed and built but unfortunately, work took most of my time and now my eyesight is not so keen and I have trouble cutting out parts. I did snap a few in progress photos though when I was building it.

Fast forward to November 2022...Ron contacted me about a book he was writing and asked me if I had any photos of my Jupiter 2. and for permission to use them in his book I sent him what I had and yesterday I received a complimentary SIGNED copy of his book! You can check out Ron's artwork and purchase some or his books (including this one) at:

Maybe I should really try to get this thing finished!
Ron Caudillo


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Jul 12, 2012
Shannon GA
Congratulations. I remember reading about Ron Gross' contributions to the original PL J2 when I ordered mine. Had no idea he was connected to this group even in a degree.

And a signed first edition book no less.


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Jul 11, 2013
Outstanding!! I enjoy your models, they work easily, and are perfectly precisioned, clean and properly colored, look great when assembled. my favorite- Lost in Space pod
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