Aurinax, Gold Dragon miniature resin model by GaleForce Nine, for Wizards of the Coast.

Wow that looks verry cool
Thanks. Wing span on the model is right at 10 inches. The base is 5 1/2" by 7 1/2" by about 3 inches high. BIG mini for sure, 18 separate resin pieces, to make the Dragon, and his humanoid form.
Working on detailing out the base while the primer on the Dragon cures.
The base looks to be a raised dias, or such, with a pile of gold, swords, and armor on it, first shades of gold, steel, brass, and concrete done.
with the dragon to get the first sense of how this is gonna look. Plus it's a very convenient place to sit the dragon while the primer cures...
Aurinax had a run in with the new rescue cat, she knocked him off his perch on my workbench, and he fell just far enough to break a toe off. And to make maters worse, the carpet monster ate the toe piece.
So I had to model a replacement toe out of Sculpy II polymer clay, and bake it to harden, then attach it to the broken foot.
20200810_110810_resized.jpg 20200810_110815_resized.jpg
I did a quick test to confirm that I could lighten the AV Vallejo Liquid Gold, by adding Liquid Silver. and the paint mix still adhered to the primed model.
Aurinax in the base coat of AV Vallejo Liquid Red Gold.
Once this color fully cures, I'll do the blocking in of the other colors, claw, horns, teeth, mouth, and tongue.
This is gonna look GOOD.
I might have to order some other AV Vallejo Liquid Metal colors... They are alcohol based and lay down very shiny.
I am just thinking here, Aurinax is supposed to be an Ancient Gold Dragon, and to quote D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual "The most powerful and majestic of the metallic dragons, gold dragons are dedicated foes of evil.

A gold dragon has a sagacious face anointed with flexible spines that resemble whiskers. Its horns sweep back from its nose and brow, echoing twin frills that adorn its long neck. A gold dragon’s sail-like wings start at its shoulders and trace down to the tip of its tail, letting it fly with a distinctive rippling motion as if swimming through the air. A gold dragon wyrmling has scales of dark yellow with metallic flecks. Those flecks grow larger as the dragon matures. As a gold dragon ages, its pupils fade until its eyes resemble pools of molten gold. "

The metallic flecks get bigger as the dragon ages, and merge together, Previous editions actually stated that "a great wyrm, would look as if cast from solid gold." So other than a few other colors for claws. talons, mouth, and teeth, this gold color is just gonna get shinier. When he is finished he'll get an overall gloss coat, not a matte coat.
Red and sienna washes applied, red in the mouth area, and sienna to the teeth, and claws.
I've decided to only shade the gold with a purple (actually violet) ink. We'll see how this goes.
The violet/purple color compliments the gold, and makes the gold "Pop"
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I forgot to take any picks while highlighting, and between gloss coat and pics, the rescue cat struck again, and shattered a section of the tail fin. so I repaired as best I could, some of the pieces were just dust... so there is now a section of fin missing. Ohh well, adds character...
Inside pics with flash.

20200817_131622_resized.jpg 20200817_131634_resized.jpg 20200817_131642_resized.jpg

Outside pics with natural sunlight.
20200817_132147_resized.jpg 20200817_132157_resized.jpg In this pic, you can see the missing area of fin.20200817_132206_resized.jpg

For size comparison, a dwarf (about 4 feet tall) and a dark elf (about 5'10")
20200817_132227_resized.jpg 20200817_132237_resized.jpg

The dark elf, and dwarf side by side.

Aurinax, an Ancient Gold Dragon, and Scorcher, an Ancient Red dragon... Hmmm who would win the fight
20200817_132327_resized.jpg 20200817_132344_resized.jpg

and them all together...

Now to decide what next.