2011 BMW M3

Mark Crowel

User of old school drafting tools; no CAD.
Jul 28, 2007
Southwest Michigan.
Not the kind of car I normally do, because I prefer American cars that were made before 1975. However, this one was done for a friend. Thought I'd share it before mailing it to him.
First, the actual car:


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The completed model. My friend wanted me to use an adhesive vinyl covering instead of colored paper on this model. With colored paper, I can print the details from my master sheets directly onto it. The vinyl, however, will not accept print when going through my copier. I had to place the master sheets onto the vinyl, and scribe the detail lines onto the vinyl by going over the master sheets with a pen. Then, I had to ink in the detail lines on the vinyl.

With colored paper, I can glue the features such as lights and grills directly onto it. With the vinyl, I had to take a razor blade, and cut and peel away from the vinyl the area where the features would be, so I could glue them to the exposed cardboard underneath.

I think this will be the last time I use self adhesive vinyl as a surface covering for my models.


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I think you could bang out an Alvis very nicely!! :)
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I will consider that a request, but first I have to do a Volga station wagon for a friend in Russia.

In one of your posts on the Valiant thread, you mentioned fixing a gas tank on a '73. Were you referring to your MG?
Despite the issues with the vinyl I like the model. Your very own style adds much charme to the finished product. I'm looking forward to your next project! :)
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Thank you for the encouragement I receive on this forum.
Next project will be a 1999 Volga (Russian car) station wagon.
BTW, any photos of the rear of that Alvis?
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