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    Bentley 4.5L Blower in 1-20 scale

    The engine is coming out nicely. I like it when people make templates to solve problems on models for other model makers. Hope the surgery goes well. Prayers all around. Take care. Sky Seeker
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    My Imcold's X-wing build

    Wow!! What a work of art! Thanks for sharing this. Definitely one of those "I can't believe it is paper moments". Sky Seeker
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    Klingon Vor´cha Build

    Love your fleet that you have there!:Bravo: That poor Klingon looks like it's a little outgunned. You might have to do something about that. :noteeth: Love the colors on the Vor'cha.thumbsup Thanks for sharing your build of this fine model. Sky Seeker
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    Crane - Panther X250

    Attaching the strut assemblies to the main chassis. Note the rear central tab extending from the front of the chassis. This is glued on top of both of the strut assemblies. Also the back of one of the assemblies is attached to the main chassis. Lining up these assemblies can be challenging...
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    Firefly - Serenity

    I think that it was due to how I packed it. The shuttles were only attached magnetically so they probably fell out into the newspaper packing. Since the color of the shuttles is roughly the color of the newspaper and the newspaper was thrown out. I think that is what happened. Don't know for...
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    Firefly - Serenity

    Thanks Z. If I only had that chrome finish paper it could have been even more interesting (sigh). There's a story regarding the shuttles. When the person that I made it for received the firefly they accidentally threw out the shuttles! So this is the only surviving record of these...
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    Building the Comet

    My next project is so going to incorporate this! :) This is AWESOME! Your model is looking incredible!thumbsup Thanks for sharing this. Sky Seeker
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    Crane - Panther X250

    Hello everyone, It's been a while. Have been learning how to MIG weld and have been getting involved in other life projects. Ok onto the Panther Crane... Side support struts Template - holes cut out with a leather punch cutter. The paper on the side is used as a reference for the size of...
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    Firefly - Serenity

    Hello all, Haven't posted on this thread in some time. Someone recently asked for the link where I got the model. It was done by Jorge A. Garcia or Chihuahua de Papel. The pics for the original assembly of the model can be found here...
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    My first model UHU02 Tie

    Hey that's a pretty good idea!thumbsup As RF stated this is the type of thing we L-O-V-E here. Thanks for sharing. Sky Seeker
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    Good day from South Africa

    Welcome Owen! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your past work. I'm sure you've got some great ideas for railroad backgrounds / dioramas as well. Have a great day! Sky Seeker
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    Crane - Panther X250

    Chassis with wheels Bottom of chassis - as can be seen everything is white with no coloration. Axles for wheels - Note that the inside portion of the axle supports have been colored by a black marker. Axles - Note that the wheels have been glued and fully assembled. The axles have been...
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    AC-30(130)-65A firetruck by NovaModel build log.

    The hood and bonnet are difficult pieces to join together. You have done an excellent job on this. Your assembly techiques are incredible to watch and a real treat to behold. Keep on building! Sky Seeker
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    AC-30(130)-65A firetruck by NovaModel build log.

    Yes these wheel constructions are VERY hard to do . You make it look easy. Wish I saw this first before building the wheels for the panther crane. Your cuts on your other sections and for the wheels are very well done and clean. Love the work you have done so far. GREAT JOB!:) Sky Seeker