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    Crane - Panther X250

    Yes that's what attracted me to this model outside of the Sci Fi realm. Kinda Karakuri-ish.
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    Muphyaa's (TOS) Cylon Raider

    From the Canon site See also the link below for the thread: Sky Seeker
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    Muphyaa's (TOS) Cylon Raider

    Maybe one day... Right now I'm working on a crane! Ok maybe not that crane more like this crane -- Sky Seeker
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    Crane - Panther X250

    Here's a vehicle that I ran across while looking at the Canon papercraft site, which has literally hundreds of papercraft models there for beginners and more experienced modellers. This is the Panther Crane X250. Created by K.Yoshinaka. Found here...
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    Muphyaa's (TOS) Cylon Raider

    Here are some of the pics of what I built. As you can see it didn't have much in the way of greebling and pretty much kept it was kept "stock". It was a first attempt at building this model, back in 2015, so it's very limited as were my skills back them. It's always nice to take a look...
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    Muphyaa's (TOS) Cylon Raider

    Looks neat! I've always loved the TOS Cylon Raider. I built the Gearz's version of the BSG. It's about a foot & half long. Nice beginner's model with some room for greebling. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and wonderful New Year. Take care. Sky Seeker
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    Astro racers again (1:200 scale)

    Very clean cuts!thumbsupthumbsup Inspirational!:Drinks::Drinks::Drinks: You're a credit to Jan Rukr (the designer of these models)!:King: Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Additionally, your work on the Tie Racer is good as well. If there is anything I would like to add - could...
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    Astro racers again (1:200 scale)

    Nice job!! Love the diarama additions! Sky Seeker
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    Ikarie XB 1 / J.Rukr / 1: ?

    Mike, As usual your work is SUPERB. My version of this didn't turn out as well. I had several problems with the final gluing of the upper and lower pieces. Everyone, Mike makes this look easy it really isn't, not by a long shot. This model really requires a very skilled modeller to...
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    Modellers Contest Tatry 2019 /24.8.2019/ Slovakia

    That would certainly be something to see for sure! Thanks for sharing Mike! Sky Seeker
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    Won't say what it is till later...ooops too late now!

    Simply amazing!! Wow!! What a true piece of craftmanship. May we all aspire to be as good. :Bravo::Bravo:
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    Vahklas type starship

    Cool Ship! Star Trek Enterprise had a certainly good number of interesting ships especially for the Vulcans. I personally always preferred some of the Andorian episodes / ships. Liked the Xindi as well. Wish there were more. Thanks for sharing.
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    Forum is up, back in business Start Posting

    I like the way you think! Positive stories from around the world & at home plus the MOM. Good stuff.
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    From New Owner of Zealot

    Thanks for sharing this with us Darius. Understand about the regular job bit. Do what you can when you can. If you share your particular type of interest, maybe one of us can find a beginning model to get you started someday. Then the fun begins. Sky Seeker