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    space ghost phantom cruiser

    Pretty cool!
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    Lost in Space Re-boot on Netflix

    I just returned from another trip and am now watching it with the wife. Seems ok so far. Ron Caudillo
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    Resource TOS Enterprise Bridge Model 1:25 scale

    Yeah, your photos of it would have been AWESOME!!! Ron Caudillo
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    Resource TOS Enterprise Bridge Model 1:25 scale

    Sorry it took so long! Ron Caudillo
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    Resource TOS Enterprise Bridge Model 1:25 scale

    Ron Caudillo updated TOS Enterprise Bridge Model 1:25 scale with a new update entry: Reupload of 1-25 scale Enterprise Bridge I just tried to download the model and had no problems whatsoever. Thank you for your patience! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Business trip to Connecticut

    I have a business trip and I will be just south of Hartford, Connecticut. I'll be staying in Newington. Anyone close by? Maybe we can grab a dinner one evening. I arrive mid afternoon on Sunday (the 11th) and depart the following Saturday morning. I'm meeting Monday evening with an Air...
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    2001 ASO. Uhu02's EVA Pod by DanBKing

    That's probably because she was trippin' on something!
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    Happy Birthday Ron Caudillo!

    I thank you all for the birthday wishes! Yes, I'm 16, but my body disagrees HEAVILY!!!! Debates of which is the best Enterprise model? Cool! Sory for the late reply, I had two trips this week, traveled on Wednesday (my birthday) so I haven't had a chance to log in! Ron Caudillo
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    Outstanding! The edges are very well concealed! What type/weight of paper did you use? Ron Caudillo
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Bridge - Upscaled Ron Caudillo Design

    This is GREAT! And I do enjoy seeing your wonderful improvements! My skills are limited so I like seeing the models taken to the next level (in your case many levels :)). Really enjoyed this and will be anxiously looking for more! Ron Caudillo
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    STAR TREK TOS 50th anniversary set

    Well I certainly do appreciate your interest and your work that you share with the forum. I'm sure most member will reiterate the same!
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    Just turned 60

    Happy Birthday! I've on;y got 2 months to go! Ron Caudillo
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    I met up with the great Rhaven Blaack!

    On a last minute business trip, I was in the neighborhood and got to have dinner with Raven Blaack and his wonderful wife! He's one tall guy! Ron Caudillo
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    1/400 TOS Enterprise

    The alignment looks spot on! Fantastic job!
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    Any 3DS Max users out there that could convert a .max file?

    I have AutoCad 2002 that can open 3DS files (unfortunately not MAX...Waaaa). I can save to DWG or DXF. I agree with Zathros, really only willing to help those (like yourself Bazooka Jo) that give back. Love your work! Ron Caudillo