Hello all!

Ron Caudillo

Creative Advisory Consultant
Staff member
Feb 8, 2004
Davenport, Iowa
Nice to see you're still around. Great to see you back. Have anything in mind you're working on?
I've always got a few (ok a lot) ideas kicking around in my noggin. Mostly just random stuff. Getting harder to cut out models, eyesight not as keen as it used to be. I bought a Cricut maker and can use this to cut shapes (outlines). So I can beta test build at least. Still trying the print and cut feature where you can print onto your home printer and the feed the sheet into the Cricut for cutting. An alignment border is printed around the project so the Cricut can use it's built in scanner to find the alignment border so it knows where to cut the pieces. The issue I'm having is to be able to define some lines as cut lines and other lines as scoring lines.