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    A.P. Tucker Spaceship from the Classic Lost in Space

    Here we go: ;)
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    Lost in Space: A. P. Tucker's Spaceship

    DANGER, Robinson's! Unknown spacecraft ahead! :) As we discussed it earlier in the 3D printing section I have taken the stl file of Tucker's spaceship as a base to rebuild it in SketchUp. This new model is designed for papercrafting and has only a fraction of faces compared to the stl file...
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    Echo Base, this is Rogue Two

    And it is up: (Sorry for the wait!) :)
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    Snowspeeder Add-On

    Revell-Fan submitted a new resource: Snowspeeder Add-On - Detailed underside & detachable display stand for Julius Perdana's Snowspeeder in 1/20 scale Read more about this resource...
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    Battlestar Saturn (based on Gearz Battlestar Galactica)

    Since I'm suffering from travel sickness I only visit my neighbour cities. Each of them has its own unique charme. I have often been to Winterswijk. They have one of the most impressive shops I have ever been. It is called "Allure Woondecoratie". From the outside it doesn't look very special...
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    Viper Car, by @Revell Fan.

    If I want sharp edges I cut out the part, laminate it and then cut through the thicker card. The small edge gives the knife something to follow, so the cut will be more precise. If I am lazy (which might happen on many occasions ;) ) I laminate the whole part to the card and then cut it out...
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    "Crafting Guy" on Youtube

    Hello fans, there are several interesting YT channels dealing with papercrafting. One of them is "Crafting Guy". He creates and assembles neat paper models of cars (like Dom's Ice Charger from "Fast & Furious 8" ) and airplanes and gives the download links of the pattern in the descriptions of...
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    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    Absolutely AMAZING work! This looks spectacular! :)
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    Tie Phantom Design Thread

    Oh boy, that's PERFECT!!!! :toast:
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    Battlestar Saturn (based on Gearz Battlestar Galactica)

    My dog came from Rosenthal, a city in Germany. ;)
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    Viper Car, by @Revell Fan.

    Very nice! :)
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    Indianapolis International Airport in 1:400

    The setup is awesome! :)
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    1/12 Apollo Command Module

    The precision, care and even the size is impressive!
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    Battlestar Saturn (based on Gearz Battlestar Galactica)

    Yep. I was able to speak it fluently when I was a year old, so pretty much child's play.:cool:
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    Battlestar Saturn (based on Gearz Battlestar Galactica)

    @Rhaven Blaack might consider renaming the Battlestar from "Saturn" to "Babel" if we are following this path. :noteeth: