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    I have cancer.

    Thats horrible. Hope you feel better soon
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    Resource E-102 Gamma

    pittpenguin123 submitted a new resource: E-102 Gamma E102 "Y"- E-102 “γ” from Sonic adventure E-102 Gamma (E-102 “ガンマ”?), or E-102 “γ”, is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog... Read more about this Resource:
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    Fanfilm Axanar under attack

    Well looks like ananexar ruined fan films for every one. They made CBS crack down hard. Fan Films must be less then 30 min long. No actors that are from star trek allowed (no guest stars) No profit (this one is a good one) Now allowed to continue a characters story And a lot of other stuff...
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    Resource Enhanced BB-8

    now to see if when i make a attempt at life size... if some one will make one right after me and have it 100000000 times better
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    Fanfilm Axanar under attack

    guys the only reason they are stoping this fan film is because they wanted to make a profit. it breaks the copy right agreement with any fan film and CBS, and paramount. they got around this by saying they where taking optional donations... till they found out that to see the movie you would...
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    Resource Enhanced BB-8

    so i should be able to scale this times 5 and have it full scale?
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    Enhanced BB-8 from Star Wars

    3 balls?!?? you should contact a doctor
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    Enhanced BB-8 from Star Wars

    all he did was used some basic shapes from something like pepakura and slaped a texture on it. you practicly made a new texture
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    Enhanced BB-8 from Star Wars

    any news if he will let you release your HD version
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    happy 2015 (my photo works great for this year)
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    Model of Merit: Danscrew's Colonial one

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    R2-D2 from Metal Earth... a card model made by steel!

    nice job i never saw kits like this