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    N Scale specific magazines.

    For your side of the pond ypu may have to use one of the Peco publications. You may be lucky to find Trains? Guess you can save some $$ and use the net. I suggest checking out Trainboard, Atlas, or Bachmann sites.
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    A short visit to N scale

    The way I see it, it's too bad the layout was abandoned with nobody qualified to take care of it. You don't have any Nscalers in your area to help? N&W & Sou may be more common as models than L&N. The trip pins may be "fixed" by bending them slightly upwards, so they don't drag so low. Some...
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    a greeting and a question on couplers

    The guy is right. Don't use the MDC couplers. They don't work, and were an attempt to replace MTL couplers. You could paint them rusty for the broken coupler bin. You could use a small flat screwdriver to pry the old coupler out. One twist of the blade should work nicely. When you get MTL...
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    European Railroad Your link to Reynaulds may be out of date. They moved from Geneva to Elburn IL.
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    N scale layout on a 2' x 2' board

    For equipment, look for a Trix FM switcher unit & some shorty ore cars. IIRC the ore cars may be out new in the Atlas Trainman line. You may also find some MP 2 packs. I don't know what radius the new Bachmann 44ton may be able to take. You could try the 3axle Plymouth.
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    n scale newbie lighting question

    At my Hobby Lobby, Model Power had a pack of stick type lights that you could get, IIRC 4-6 to a pack. Simply put the lights where you need them, then run wiring under the table. You can try a battery setup that runs at 1 to 9 volts at most, they will last a lot longer if you operate them at 1/2...
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    thoughts on the empire builder train set?

    The "trainset" quality Bachmann locos may suffer more from sitting on a shelf before you get to buy it. The loco may be unsold, but hardly "new". The loco most likely will need a cleanup & relube job to get it to properly break in. I doubt if any "trainset" locos & cars come in a plastic case...
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    Roundhouse car kits ?

    I bought a few Horribly Oversize Roundhouse kits. They used to make some decent HO cars. Later, they released some Normal size kits. Most of the kits are easy to build: glue the weight to the frame, glue the brake wheel, press on the couplers, get the frame in the car. Some were sold in 2-4 car...
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    Kato Unitrack and Micro-trains couplers

    I'd suggest you make up a 21" wide X the length of your paper drawing & go from there. Diameters go to the centerline of your Unitrak. Take at least 2" off the edge to keep track away from the edge of the world. The 9 3/4" Radius curve becomes 19 1/2" Diameter that will just barely fit. The 45...
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    n scale newbie lighting question

    Sounds like you could use a book on layout wiring. Many include tips on lights, accessories, & stuff. You may also check the house collection display at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. They may still have some items on closeout from Christmas. Another place would be the doll house section. You...
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    So, what does your wife think?

    At times, I wish I had a time machine to go back & stop the world to when I was about 10. 1) All the grandparents are still around & healthy enough to have fun with them. Parents are pretty cool, too. 2) Discounts on travel, meals, Disney? for 10yr olds. 3) Since I was 10 in the 1960's the...
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    N scale coupler question......

    The split of MicroTrains and Kadee was back in 1990. MicroTrains still makes most of the Kadee automatic knuckle couplers. They are still the best. Accumates by Atlas are second. Bachmann now makes their own knuckle coupler. Most new Bachmann rolling stock should come with the new coupler. You...
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    N Scale specific magazines.

    I understand not wanting to spend $31 for Nscale or N scale Railroading Magazines. Both are very similar. NS is the older of the 2, published since 1989. You can order 2 discs of back issues from 1989-1994 & 1995-1999 for $40. some of those old mags may be dated now. Both are 6 issues/year...
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    Another Layout Thread

    I also went about painting the handles on my ground throws. They had previously been all yellow. I repainted the side that faces up when the turnout is positioned for the diverging route red. This should make it easier for me to tell which way a turnout is aligned. Great idea. You may want to...
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    Thoughts on N scale Bachmann Steam Engines The other 0-6-0 could be this Little Joe by LifeLike? You may see them sold in trainsets with a circle of track & 2 cars. Can be a good little loco if you take the time to break it in.