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    Fm h-16-44?

    Mike,Railroads use their locomotives at will and wherever its needed.On the other hand modelers seem to worry more about the "correct" use of a locomotive..Turning steam locomotives etc..Surprise there was times when steamers would return to the yard tender first because there was no place to...
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    Will an Athearn UP wide vision caboose look realistic with a UP GP35?

    Yes,The GP35 was introduce by EMD in July of 1963 so,a wide vision caboose would certainly been pulled by a GP35. That Athearn "Cupola Caboose" is a Santa Fe prototype and it will be at home behind your Santa Fe GP35.
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    Open season for Spammers on Zealot

    Guys,I am no longer a mod here but,please play nicely together...:thumb:
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    One of my ex's said: Don't call,don't write,don't send a telegram and I'm not in the book....:eek: And like Rodney Dangerfield said"She was a earth sign..I am a water sign together we made mud." Indeed.
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    R J Corman in Tennessee

    If you are interested Intermountain makes a Corman SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motor.
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    Its with sadden heart that I must step down as moderator after 5 years...Its been a good ride and I met a lot of folks I consider friends but,the time has come to pull the pin and pursue other hobby goals.
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    Roadbed in the Yards?

    Here look see. As you can see yards lack road bed.. Why? Switchmen need to walk about while doing their work and a smooth even surface is far better then a...
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    Inglenook / Time Saver Switching Combo

    Sweet!:thumb: I like it a lot!. Good job on the track plan and placement of the buildings..:thumb:
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    A Update

    Squid,That would be the bottom right side where the left and then the right switch..I don't think there is much room between the branch line track and first industrial track off the right hand switch.
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    Tighest radius

    By the time the 80 rail is painted it doesn't look to bad. Like HO Atlas and Kato locomotives are at the top of the heap.
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    Tighest radius

    Actually I will recomand using nothing less then 121/2" curves and 15" being the better of the 2 in C55 curve track for small layouts. As far as C80 track...Nothing less then 11" and 19" being the better choice of the ready made curves again for small layouts. If you use flex track for...
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    A Update

    While I created a "Godzilla" with the elevator it must stay has it has become one of my favorites besides I like those Intermountain CSX 4650 3 bay covered hoppers.:eek: I thought about using it on my industrial park modules at the club it dawn on to me it would look like a old shoe in a new...
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    A Update

    Quote: Shouldn't need a lead up there. This seems like a train-a-day out-and-back style of branch. Nothing to get in the way of if there's only one train running at a time. I thought the one at the bottom was rather a waste since Larry is going to be the only operator, but I thought better of...
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    A Update

    Ok..Sweet! We are getting very close to the final plan.. As far as the lead for the grain mill..HMM it has possibilities.Maybe a red and yellow Bachmann GE44 Tonner owned by the mill? As far as the yard lead..This is industrial branch so,I am not sure if it will stay but,on the other hand...
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    A Update

    Guys,This is from actual testing..A 30" piece of flex will hold 5 cars from loading shed to the end of track and 2 cars beyond with the elevator slightly off center...So,I think 46" should suffice.Sound like a lot? Its not because my old door layout I had in the 80s had 2 46" yard tracks...