WIG T-70M Light Tank

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    Model: T-70M Light Tank
    Publisher: WIG (GPM's web site tells me this is a Quest model)
    Copyright: Unclear but 2003 looks likely
    Scale: 1:25
    Format: Printed A4 booklet
    Designer: Not known

    The history of the T-70 has been covered in another review. I picked this up on eBay out of curiosity, I think I wasted my time with this one..

    Four pages of cardstock, 1 page of frames on glossy 80 gsm(?), 1 page of construction diagrams, 1 page of innaccurate 3-view, 1/2 page of history and 1/2 page of Polish instructions. The instruction diagrams are reasonable with the nice feature of showing the allignment and spacing of the road. idle and drive wheels from the side of the hull. Printing is fine and accurate there is no sign of inaccuracies or colour bleeding. There is a slight colour variation on the card stock seemingly caused by the slightly rough surfaced card used.

    The design is somewhat similar to Bug's T-70 and I suspect would share the structural problems of that model. This model is not going to produce a reasonable likeness of a T-70 - it contains a large number of errors. I find it difficult to undertand how a designer can make so many errors with the availability of resource material on the Internet.

    For the record the more obvious errors are:
    - The turret is too narrow and the shape is wrong.
    - Driver's hatch is too small and the profile incorrect
    - The 45 mm main gun is too short and the profile is wrong
    - The profile of the roadwheels is incorrect
    - Air inlet profile is wrong
    - Radiator grill is too shallow and mesh support structure is incorrect
    - Idler wheel mounting is incorrect
    - Mufflers are too short and wrongly located.
    - No offset on the roadwheel position between the two sides.
    - Torsion bar swing arms are incorrect
    - The exhaust pipes are incorrectly located for a T-70

    I've seen images of a T-70 with the exhaust pipes routed out via the air inlet cover as this model does but I suspect this was a field repair since it is bad practice to preheat inlet air to any engine (reduces efficiency).

    The construction of the model follows Bug's design pretty closely.

    I think the bottom line for this model is "don't bother" - it's too inaccurate and has the same structural flaws as Bug's T-70.

    Instructions: C
    Paper quality: B
    Level of detail: B
    Printing quality: A
    Artwork: B (no weathering)
    Value for money: E
    Skill level: I hope people have got better projects to attempt than this model.
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    your reviews...

    ...are setting a standard. thank you from the paper motor pool. cheers, c.b.