where is you money going

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    where is your money going

    Here is my question. What is the difference between US Gypsum "hydrocal" and the other guys" Lightweight Hydrocal"..you know the stuff in the yellow 1/2 gallon container. I bought 100 pounds of the USG stuff today. Guess how much 100lbs cost compared to 2lbs in the 1/2 gal jug???

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    May 23, 2003
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    How much?I've wondered if that stuff would work also, let us know how it turns out!
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    Jan 28, 2001
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    I know that buying plaster in bulk is much more cost-effective...just be sure (unless you're planning on using all 100lbs. in the very near future) that you have an air-tight method of storing the plaster.
    Once exposed to air & humidity for any length of time, dry plaster will "go bad", & will fail to set up properly.
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    May 8, 2001
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    I haven't use plaster for quite some time now, but I too once bought a 100 lb. bag, from a place that sold molding plaster. It was great and when Woodland Scenics came out with their "lightweight hydrocal" at unbelievable ripoff prices I was astounished that people bought it. It's like the Woodland Scenics name is gold.

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    profit margin

    $21.00 The same product in bulk from a hobby shop would be near $500.00. My how they take us to the cleaner!

    philip :(

    and it works just like the hobby shop version!
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    May 2, 2003
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    Sounds like a classic case of afluenza...a disease that comes on when ones overwelming desire to have something overrides one's ability to be frugal, to adapt, improvise and be creative. That's why Athearn is dropping their classic "shake-the-box" kits in favor of their Genesis series. What else would cause a relatively sane man to plunk down $30 for a boxcar, or 7 bucks for a handful of plaster? :eek:
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    I've told this tale before. A friend was working on a layout in a hospital. One night, the guys were sharing a large bag of Hydrocal. Afterwards, he wondered about the wisdom of passing out bags of white powder behind a hospital.
    That is one solution, share with a friend. Or see if the local hobby shop will parcel out Hydrocal in small amounts; ours used to.
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    May 11, 2001
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    As I own and manage a small model train store, I would like to add my observations on this subject.
    I carry the bulk 50 lb bags of Hydrocal (I would love to carry the 100 lb bag if it was not so difficult to get it into country), Plaster of Paris in 25 and 50 lb bags and the (lightweight) Hydrocal in the Yellow 1/2 Gallon containers.
    I have also re-packaged the Bulk stuff and marked it up by about 10% in order to cover the cost of time, labor and Plastic Bags used to hold it.
    The bulk bags tend to leave the store at a rate of 1-2 bags per month and are sold mainly to serious modelers building a large layout or several modelules (BTW we have Seven (7) active clubs in the Victoria Area).
    The repackaged plaster would sell at a rate of 4-5 bags a month and most customers seemed to regard it along the same lines as second hand product at best :( and as Antrhax Powder at worst. :eek:
    The more expensive yellow 1/2 gallon containers sell at a rate that defies logic: 45-50 boxes per month and I am often caught short, desipite being only 24 hours away from my distributor:confused:
    Granted, we have a lot of wargamers (Warhammer) making small scenes and model railroaders building modules, most of which do not require large quantities of plaster.
    One reason that the yellow boxes seem to sell so well is that it is "Lightweight" plaster to which the manufacturer has added (I suspect) a Cellulose filler to make it lighter and seems to be preferred over regular plaster on modules.
    I have 2 NTrak modules each measuring 6ft x 2 1/2 ft covered in bulk hydrocal with a total of 137 rock castings (again with bulk plaster) and weigh 96 Lbs and 117 Lbs respectively.:eek:
    I am often forced to resort to "beer bribes" in order to enlist help from other club members in moving my modules whenever we have a show.:eek:
    The people who supply the yellow boxes do so because it sells, and while some hobby shops do repackage the bulk product into smaller, more managable and affordable bags, in my experience, at least, the yellow boxes continue to outsell all other products as it is lighter, and packaged in a smaller, sealed, easy to carry, easy to store (read "Conveniant") container.
    In short, "Conveniance over Cost"
    As I said before, "Just my ovservations based on my experience";)

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    "why do I need so much hydrocal"

    Gentlemen: I am working with a local HO club that will use 100Lbs in no time flat. Charlie, rest assured the product will be used before it turns to "Rock". Gary you hit the nail on the head, maybe we could package and sell the product behind David's hospital. Shaygetz! Who said I was sane. Imagine having a trunk full of the white stuff and being pulled over by the cops. sir.....its ...hydrocal! At least we would be close to the hospital...then Terry could " Beer Bribe " our release!

    philip;) " Have a great weekend"

    P.S. Come visit the Radcliff, Ky layout!