What do do with that old PC Part 1

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    I have notice alot of members has been on here for a long time. This means some of you has old and outdated PC's. DO NOT throw or give them away! Here's part one on how to recycle your old PC. If it has a sound card you are ready to go!

    Have you ever thought about adding sound to your layout? Looked at the prices and seeing the high cost? Use that old PC!!:thumb: You can go online and download many sound effects for free! MILLIONS for FREE!!! You have a country scene that has a farm with animales? You say you have cows, pigs, horses, and chickens with no sound. Then go on line to download them!

    Then what do I do Andy? You can get or order from Radio Shack 30 second already made digital recorders for about $19.99. Either connecting them up to your PC audio output or place the little mic next to your speaker. You can record the sounds! Then place them in the areas where you want the sounds to be heard. Remember the dolper effect. These recorders has headphone speakers connected to them. If you want more audio power, Radio Shack does sell an 1 watt audio amp chip. You will have to build it yourself, but little extra parts you will need.

    You can do this for a farm, a city, or anywhere. What I think would be cool is having a thunderstorm sounds with scobe lighting as the lightning!

    Next time I will talk about using your trashed PC's power supply to power your lights.


    Great thing about this hobby. You can let your imagination run wild!