"What can you do with this" challange

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    Apr 19, 2005
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    I was trimming the lawn yesterday with a string trimmer (weed eater) and needed to replace the line. Right there in my hand was plastic, bend-able, cut-able, light reflective orange/red trimmer string and I thought...man, this outta be good for something on the layout.

    My challange is...what could you make with this stuff? It comes in so many colors. I thought the line I was using would make some great orange construction barrels that you see on highways and around town. (Cut to size and painted with three white bands that is.) The line was so bendable that I thought just maybe it would work for a neon sign over a building since the line caught the light so well. That line has to be good for something else too...it seemed almost too big for Nscale (at least the line I use in my trimmer) but perfect for all the larger scales. I thought maybe in HO it would work as warning lights on top of diesels, or vehicle rear tail lights, simple neon sign lettering/tubing, and there's gotta be more.

    Got any good ideas - or have you already been using this stuff in your modeling and want to pass on your successes?
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    Interesting challenge...! Do you have a picture of the line you are using to help kick-start this?

    My first thought would be to use black trimmer line for nearly indestructible handrails for large scale locos... ;) Handrails seem to always be a problem.

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    Use as piping on the sides of buildings.

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