Western Pacific RR Museum Railfan Photographers Day Special Guest

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    The Railfan Photographer Day special guest has been confirmed and it is UP Centennial 6936! The 6936 will join Portola’s own 6946 and GP30 849 to recreate a classic 1970’s UP motive power set as part of the RPD events.

    The day will be capped by a night photo session with the UP motive power set. Those lucky enough to attend will have a rare chance to photograph TWO Centennials at the head of a freight train.

    While this DD40 doubleheader will not be making trips around the balloon track (for obvious reasons), the 6936 will be operating and these big monsters will be rolling on the museum trackage.

    As of today, tickets will only be available at the gate, and for the gate price, on Saturday.

    Railfan Photographer Day information and schedule: