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    The E-mag is finished, everything checks out ok.
    BUUUUUTTTTT!!!!!!!...........You're going to have to wait(Nah..Nah..Nah Nah)

    The next issue will be in the spring, maybe April. So start getting those fingers typng.
    I had an idea for the next issue.
    We've all seen the good Dr. Wayne's ad for "If its Gern...Its Good"
    So....Come up with an ad for an industry, shortline, Class 1, passenger service(who can forget those Santa Fe Ads) or business that you plan, or have on your layouts. The sky's the limit.
    Only one thing, the ad must be for one of those things mentioned above, on your layout, club layout, or your friends layout. Any ad that we deem "real", will not be placed in the E-Mag. And to prevent this, I'm excluding hobby shops from the list.
    So get Paint Shop going, and come up with some good ones.
    This is not a contest. All Ads submitted to me(eightyeightfan_99@yahoo.com), before March 15th, will get in the E-Mag.
    Lets have some fun!