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    On behalf of everyone at The Gauge I'd like to welcome you to the General Talk forum. The Gauge belongs to its members and we look forward to hearing your comments about improving the board. If you would like a new forum added, then please ask. However, all new forums will be on a trial basis to see how popular they become. There is nothing worse than having too many forums with too few posts. If you think we should change the names of the forums to something that relates to railroading, all you have to do is "holler", e.g. should we change the name of the "General Talk" section to "The Dining Car"?, and so on.
    We will be adding a links section in the near future, so look out for that. We hope to be a valuable resource for the model railway community, and hope you enjoy making new friends at The Gauge.

    All the best for now,
    Dave Hagan,
    The Gauge.