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    Greetings, and glad to see you dear modelers. First, before starting my short presentation, I want to please forgive any spelling mistakes and expression, the simple reason that English is not my basic point.
    My name is very simple, TAVI, alias tomcat2031. I age 35, are from Romania and live in the most beautiful city in this country, namely Brasov. Country name and city can not say anything, but ......... To better understand, and you can get an idea, my country and city are closely related to known Transirvania and legendary vampire Count Dracula. Relax I'm not even a werewolf or vampire and I do not eat any blood, but ...... on the contrary are modeller, and my food ..... modeling.
    The passion to build, to shape, I discovered some 30 years ago and since then ..... I did not let go of it ...... disease.
    It all started with a trivial Maly Modelarz magazine, received a gift from a good friend, but ...... much older than me, and ..... As you might suspect ..... dirty's up have already been made, namely evil was sown.
    Too many ...... about my accomplishments, I can not say, because many created were lost in the mists of time, but ..... there are a few exceptions, the agreement that you have to submit in time.
    So ...... little introduction being made, I was trying to fit in a beautiful community in which ...... thank you that I have received, and ...... please be gentle to start something with me.
    Thank you, and ...... Deep respect.
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    Welcome aboard to a denizen of Vlad the Impalers homeland. For the enjoyment of paper modeling you have come to the right place. Check out the freebies, choose model and start building again. Post some photos of your models here as well. Enjoy and see you around the forums.