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    Brilliant! love your story as well
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    @Rhaven Blaack & @Cybergrinder : Thank you! It was big fun to pose the model. The articulation really paid off. :)

    @zathros : The weather was so bad these days that I almost gave up taking some beauty pics outside. It was raining day by day by day, the air and the ground were still moist. So I had to act quick when suddenly the clouds dissolved. I took the model out during a lunch break and went to my old school which was demolished this summer. We have a lot of construction sites here at the moment (you could say that the whole town is a construction site ;) ), so if that hadn't worked I would have chosen another place. To protect it from the moisture in the ground I put some bubble wrap under its tracks. Later when I was looking at the pictures I was about to edit them out but then I remembered the scene in which Wall-E and EVE were crushing the bubble wrap in the movie, so I left it; that's how it became a little in-joke in the final picture set. The model is exactly 30 cm tall but it looks much larger in hand. I was surprised at how big it looked when it was finished. :)

    @blake7 : Julius' version is much smaller and simpler. But it has a number of movable joints built in; you can move the head and the arms which is more than Elso's model provides. I have printed a black and white copy of Julius' Wall-E on regular paper to test the abilities of my printer and to see how big this one would become. I haven't assembled it yet but it does look awesome, especially for that scale. I was thinking of making an enlarged B'n'L storage box for the big one but when I saw how big it turned out I thought it was too much of a hassle to make it because you had to take out the box first in order to get to the model. So it ended up with the model wrapped up in a white trash bag which was the most fitting way. ;)
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    I think you chose the perfect day. It is excellent photography too! :)
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