Utah Pacific Lantrrns

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    Jan 14, 2001
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    Hello all:

    I want to tell you about this product. Their instructions and assmebly, well, it sucks! They had me put this little bulb into this thing. I bet it was smaller then a millimeter! It runs on 1.5 volts. Just a mess. Then the thing wouldn't work. Now I was getting mad! Then I had an idea! Why not put a 12v bulb under the table. So I did. I use a lttile heat shrink tubing. Looks great! I know Shamus will answer, " You should have used fiber optics." I would put I didn't have any.

    Looks great. I am using the lantern next to my Atlas trackside shanty. The lantern is setting next to the men playing checkers. (That is part of Atlas's kit!) Next will be a speeder for them to do track repairs.