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    well guys i thought i should fill you all in on how my boy is doing .
    well a week ago he was put in to i.c.u. for a feaver of 107.2 and they thought he had menajitus well he came home thursday night and we where back up their with my brothers daughter
    she went in on sat morning and they ran a bunch of test and she had menajitus and she was in i.c.u the same room my son was in the dr's tryed every thing they could to save her life but it went through her body like a wild fire it shout her body down in 4 hours well sunday at 1:47 pm they told us she was brain dead and at 5:55 pm we took her off the life suport wehad her on till grandpa got in from salt lake (he is a trucker) well the showing is tuseday and the service is wedsday it has hit me very hard with her seeing her lay their with no life and just a couple of day sooner seeing her full of life . i took it harder than her father becouse i raised her when her dad wasn't their and her father didn't want her little sister to see her. the whole time i was thinking that was my son awhile ago and i know i would be doing this some day also .i had to leave the room right after the powered down the life suport i told my family i would not be at the showing or service it is just to hard right now i had my good byes with her and asked her to look over my boy to be his gardein angel well guys i am all tear up and had no sleep in a week so i am going to try to get some sleep ....