Uncle Duke Siefried Endorses PaperTerrain!

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    May 25, 2007
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    I have been producing paper buildings and accessories for a couple of years now and have sold quite a lot of them, but imagine my surprise when I was contacted by legendary wargamer and master scenery builder, Duke Siefried! He was probably the last person I would have ever expected to want to buy paper buildings. But he did want to buy some of my houses and after receiving them, this was his comment (Quoted here with his permission):


    I was very impressed with your design and artwork ability. The structures are creatively interesting and there is that degree of deterioration I hoped for in the facades. The dual versatility demonstrated by the damaged shell beneath the outer exterior is most intriguing. WWII folks really need this facility. While it is less necessary for Napoleonics it is none-the-less an added bonus! Your drafting is of first quality and your imaginative artwork offers considerable variety. I declare this project a great success! I have overlooked paper buildings most of my life and that obviously was an invalid oversight. Not only does the cost of effective scenery decrease greatly...the quality of the product provides an attractive presentation and a realistic alternative to expensive 3-D models. These little paper structures are perfect for modularizing - which is the keynote of built-up areas for 15mm games.

    You have more than met my expectations.


    So, if PaperTerrain is good enough for Uncle Duke, I guess it’s good enough for just about anyone! Duke has asked me to collaborate on a new line of ancient structures which I hope will be available in a few months. Check out my existing ranges at: Paper Terrain - The finest in paper wargame buildings & accessories