UMTRR Website Update - June 2007

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    The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report website has been updated. The June 2007 Archive Edition is now available there.

    UMTRR: The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report-Since 1996!

    In addition, all release tables have been updated to reflect May releases and discontinued items. There are already five N Scale items and one Z Scale May item that are confirmed discontinued.

    The June 2007 full-length subscriber edition of the UMTRR was e-mailed on June 5. If you are a subscriber and haven't received it by now, please let me know.

    Special note to AOLers: AOL may, or may not, have actually delivered the June issue. I got a "mass bounce notice" but I also received replies from AOLers that did in fact receive the column. Please consider changing your delivery e-mail address if you are on AOL.

    Information on how to subscribe (free and worth at least that much--really!) is posted on the UMTRR website.