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    Nov 30, 2004
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    Hi All:
    My model railroad club is interested in installing a turntable in our n scale modular layout. I suggested the Walthers manual turntable and the possibility of using the motor package they have for it. One of our members said that they had heard that there were a lot of problems with that model.....it warped?....didn't perform very well.
    Can anyone substantiate these comments or diffuse them if you have had good luck with the unit.
    Or, if you have another suggestion of a model to use we would be opent to that suggestion. I have been told we don't have the budget at this time to go for the $300 dollar automatic system so we have to look elsewhere.
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    You can always get an atlas one and modify and detail it to make it look better. They work well and are cheap. If you search this forum, there have been several threads about modifying the atlas TT, in HO, O, and N scales.

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    Feb 7, 2007
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    Well you could speed some $$ and get the new auto index unit-- about $300.00 if I recall.
    Or build your own using the manual Atlas unit- make you own drive-
    The table top mount unit will need work to look good- and the motor drive is a geneva drive set up.