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    Dec 9, 2007
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    Sorry to revivie an old thread, but instead of starting a new one I wanted to add to this one.

    I just grabbed this 120 manual kit from Walthers and it's driving me nuts. I also got the 6 bay Union City Roundhouse...

    The tracks don't line up properly if I put all the tracks flush to the back of the roundhouse (3 Atlas 5 inch tracks work fine) so I have little gaps in the roundhouse. No biggie, not like my trains are going that far in anyways.

    The big issue is the lack of direction Walthers gives you with their products...and to someone thats new in the hobby aside from running trains in ovals... it's not common sense!

    So... how do you people wire up your service tracks? how do you wire the turntable so that you will not have issues with short circuits? Why in the world didn't Walther put holes in the bottom of the bridge deck so that you can wire up the tracks without having to make your own (small thing..but whatever)

    I'm running a DCC system...so I got some flexability. My idea so far for wiring is:

    6 switches, one for each service track into the roundhouse (I'll add switches as I add service tracks) that will allow me to send DC power to each track as nessacary.

    1 switch to change polarity of the turntable deck... deck will be feed power from DCC system.