Train ride.

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    Dec 30, 2005
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    Well I went on my first train ride in a long long time. It was just a short ride from the Sante Fe station in San Diego to San Juan Capistrano. We were sitting on the top deck of the Surfliner. I was impressed at how smooth the ride was. I remeber the noise of the train going over joints in the rail's and I did not hear them this time.

    I was also impressed at how smooth the train gained speed and slowed down. It went from a dead stop to about 70 MPH in no time. The typical aircraft style seat were not that comfy. They felt just like the hard stiff seats I sat in going on other trips in jets.

    Now, after seeing up close, riding and seeing the train coming into the station, I want to get a passanger train.:D :thumb: I was looking at the Coaster from Athern. I am leaning towards N scale and the N scale Atherns do not come with DCC. HAs any one out there run the F59PHI's and installed a decoder in one? I was also looking at cars. The discreption did not say what type of coupler they come with, do they come with one that is like a Kadee?

    I think the future people of my layout will be happy to ride the trains.