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    Hi Jim,
    If your interested in coal towns, consider the Pochahontas region of West Virginia. I have a lot of info.on the area, and the file is growing: web sites and photos of N&W, VGN, C&O, Clinchfield, and a few others; photos of the region, the RRs and the towns, scenery, topograpy, several books, as well as a few personal rememberances of "home".
    I expect there are some neat 'vacation travel' oportunities while doing "research" as well. You could cut through the Blue Ridge on the way down to Florida in the fall, if you drive...great color, I'm sure you know. I'd be happy to forward any info. I have. Let me know if you're interested.
    VGN [​IMG]


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    Hi! Before you commit yourself, also take a look at the eastern Pennsylvania coal scene and the Lackawanna's operations there.

    "The Road of Anthracite" has much to offer in the form of varied class 1 motive power, interesting branch lines as well as unique varnish like "The Phoebe Snow" and "The Lackawanna Limited". You also have junctions with Erie, LV, NYC, PRR, NKP and Wabash to keep things interesting. Lots of books out there on the subject as well.

    Happy Rails!