The "newer wider" Transformers Ravage Tape and Ravage usb thumb-drive

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    Anyone have the "newer, more 3d" Ravage-tape transformer? Supposedly it came as a bonus with Hound in the 25th aniversary TF G1: Hound... aka the 2008 "Universe" series "Deluxe Class Autobot Hound".

    I'm looking to do Ravage papermodels on this "newer" version.
    (I've got pic's from but while the new transforming method is relatively simple, the exact method isn't easy to work out). Looks like they essentially tripled the number of joints and thined some areas out so that areas twisted two become hips, allowing a better stance.

    great set of pic's... the "new" cassette ravage is so much more wide than the old original one (which could barely stand up. Lets face it, the original tape/cassette ravage would fall over if your neighboor 3 doors down happened to so much as breathe in your general direction).
    close ups:

    If you look through, you can see the "new wider" tape-Ravage can mount "classic tape-Ravage" blasters (the new version doesn't have the chrome-covered plastic weapons... though it does have a tiny "moulded on" blaster on each rear hip, but its so puny you can barely see it).

    (example link of one on ebay at time of posting)|66:2|39:1|72:1215|293:2|294:50

    2gb USB Ravage

    Also looking for pictures on the the "Device Label" brand "transforming 2gb thumb-drive" version of Ravage (which you can also get in a white w/black stripes "tigertron" version). Haven't seen this one on ebay yet, though its perfectly possible (seeing as most 2gb usb drives are little more than a usb-plug and a chip the size of the plug... the rest of the "thumbdrive" could easily serve as the Ravage/Tigertron transformer-cat.