Thanks to Robin's family

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    A huge thank-you to Letty (Robin's wife) for thinking of Robin's friends at a time when she has so many issues of her own to deal with. She is a lot like Robin that way.

    Today, many of Robin's local Gauge friends showed up at his house to collect all the various models that Letty wanted us to have. Jimmy B was on hand to help us out and in fact he is also doing the work of dismantling the layout and ditributing Robin's fantastic models to those who can't pick them up in person.

    I feel very honoured to now be the proud owner of "Canada Malting" for which I supplied Robin with the plans, as well as the fantastic ship that goes with it, and "Fullard Glass" for which I supplied the photos. Although these structures are N and I'm in HO, I intend to build a diorama featuring these models, dedicated to Robin's memory.

    He was such a very special man and we all miss him.

    Thank you once again Letty. I apologize for the meagreness of these words to convey all that I feel, but I think you know.

    warmest regards