Temporary Paper Cathedral in New Zealand

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    Yup,it's true, it would be so cool to get a model of this. If the church were smart, they would start selling authorized versions immediately, to hep pay for the new church. The Original ChristChurch build in the 1800's has been determined to have been damaged beyond repair.


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    Jan 2, 2008
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    It certainly is a nice design. But having seen the original stone cathedral, I have a little tinge of sadness that the beautiful original design will be replaced by a new modern design once the rubble has been cleared.

    I for one will support the rebuilding efforts for the orignal design.
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    The original one's beauty should be restored, just an opinion, not my country, but if we are an organized world with that kind of consciousness, then I would be counted as one saying build a new one to match the old and make it with modern technology so it could withstand an earthquake. IMHO