steam vs. smoke

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    Hi everyone...
    I recently purchased a Trix Big Boy 4-8-8-4 with the ability to produce smoke (or steam) from its stacks located at the very front of the engine.
    Well, last evening I was looking through the 2001 Walthers catalog and came arcoss a listing for steam and smoke generators.
    I am wondering if anyone out there can help me decide what is the difference and why should I use one over the other as far as choice is concerned.
    I realize that steam is created from boiling water and smoke from cumbustable solids such as wood etc...
    If someone has one of these beautiful pieces of machinery with the generator(s) installed perhaps they can reply to this msg.
    Thank you kindly...
  2. In the case of the prototype you have both steam and smoke emanating from the stack. Draft for the firebox is created by exhausting the steam from the cylinders through a Venturi nozzle aimed at the stack, so the exhaust steam draws the hot gases, including particulate matter, through the flues and out the stack.

    To my knowledge, all of the steam or smoke generators for model applications work by creating smoke from a combustible liquid. Years ago, Lionel had one that ground up a "pill" into powder and used a bellows to force the powder out the stack, which in time left a white residue on the train and everything around it!