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    :cool: In the January issure of RMC magazine there was a article kit bashing O scale plastic steam locomotives to get a model not commercially available.This was in 1978.I model NYC middle 1950's The price of brass locomotives is beyond what I can afford to pay.During the holidays I recieved as gifts some IHC steam locomotive that run very well. At this time I am limited to a test track (House on the market ) Most of my time is now spent on kit building,changing cuplers(UGH),and NYC research,NET,videos,and Alvin Stauffer's great books on NYC locomotives.Could we get a discussion going on what has been done in this area?I believe this kind of project has been done on the NBEW club layout to get D&H and RUTLAND style locomotives.My projects will be a 4-8-2 Mohawk L1d with elesco feed water heater,2-8-0 Consolidation made over to a Central style G5 or 6,and my junk box has a 4-6-2 Pacific without a smoke box door that could be a K3 type. My skills as a modlel builder is limited to plastic kits.The use of a soldering iron is akin to rocket science to me;however to have the engines I want for the 9 stall roundhouse and garden tracks the next layout will have will have to be developed. :confused: