star wars fan goes papercraft

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    Hi there,

    I'm a newbie to papercraft but a long time star wars geek :) so now i'm starting with star wars.

    this is my story

    i always look for something to do at my work at the lunch time...
    and from programming websites for fun....i started a new project making nice looking present 'boxes'.
    supersized books
    some unfold pop up books books.

    after that the boxes became a large r5-d4 r2 droid, with a removable head.

    Then i discovered papercraft star wars style..
    and now i'm working on the millenium falcon.
    the size i'm doing is instead of printing A4 size i went to A0.
    Now i hope i can construct a nice falcon...for hanging at my ceiling.
    The cockpit incl tube look great.
    Also i have to construct a custom chassis so my skin doesn't collapse, i use 80gram paper. but untill now it works great for me.
    every work day 30min off papercraft magic.....hoping to get a falcon before 1 jan 2012.