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    Jul 22, 2004
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    what kinds of model rr software is there out there?
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    Nov 23, 2002
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    Hi Mike! Welcome on board of the Gauge!

    There are tons of model RR software around. It all depends what for you want to use the computer with your model railroad. You can...

    - control your whole layout or your trains (combined with DCC!) by computer programs
    - plan your layout with some sort of CAD program. There are CAD programs around which are designed especially for model railroaders
    - generate waybills and switching lists for the operation of your layout
    - build up databases for the management of your stuff (e.g. loco/car lists with data about modifications, repairs, cleaning...)
    - even simulate the whole model railroad on your computer

    For a start here is a link to an interesting website. There you'll find lots of links to all sorts of software sites - both commercial and free software. :)

    Besides: This "J.R.'s education page" offers a wealth of information about model railroading! It is well worth the while to browse around a bit on his pages. :thumb:


    PS: When I entered "Model railroad software" in Google I got 1780 links!! :eek: