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    Hi all,

    I am making good on my threat to throw some dirt in this here waterlogged site.

    As some of you may know, I am big racing fan, particularly anything off road, WRC, Dakar, Baja, and the like.

    It doesn't happen very often that model publishers or kit makers release a kit of a subject that is the same in look and appearance, but it did happen, with the czech publishers ABC and PK Graphica.

    Both houses released a Skoda Fabia WRC, #15 of Toni Gardemeister and Pavo Lukander.

    ABC released in their magazine, a 1:24 ADAC Rallye Deutschland clad version, and PK Graphica released a 1:32 Telstra Rally Australia version.

    The ABC kit is printed on two sheets, very tightly packed, and comes with one construction diagram showing a left side 3/4 view, a rear end view, and diagrams for the front and rear wheels. and one color picture of the completed car(the car with the orange background below)

    The PK Graphica kit is printed on 3 sheets, covering about 2.5 sheets with parts, the other half of one of the sheets is a big sign of the Sponsor of the rally. The construction diagrams are pretty clear, one big section of the cover of the kit. the diagrams show the body, floorpan, wing, axles, wheel boxes, and an exploded view of the tires. There are 3 color pictures showing the finished car(the car with the white background below) and detailed parts of front end.


    I hope to start these soon, but I first have to finish a Peugeot 405 I have been sitting on

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    they look fantastic Rick will you be doing some artistic mud splashes

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    i haven't built these Barry

    and i don't think i will mess with these

    i like the clean, fresh from the truck look