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    I have received many P.M.s, and have had to send many P.M.'s about the Forum Rules and Policies recently. They are here:

    Read them. If you have any questions, send me a Private Message with your questions. Do not post them in the forum.

    Of particular concern is rule #3:
    2. Link to your blog, your pics, free sites and your poodles all you
    want. Communities are built on sharing.

    3. If you want to share a purely commercial based link, send a PM
    or a private email.

    4.) Advertising:

    We’re here to build models, not read ads. Please don’t. Pointing out where you can find a particular tool or model kit is another matter. Just use common sense.

    4a.) Unauthorized Marketing:

    Spam will be extinguished with extreme prejudice. See above.
    If you want to advertise legitimately, ask us!

    I have been allowing people to post a link to a model that they finish a build thread on. That's common sense. Posting kit announcements without build threads won't be allowed, that is advertising. Do that in P.M.'s, like the rules say. Promote FREE sites to your heats content.

    This forum, by what it's members has expressed, want to build models without being harassed. They also want to know of, design and share FREE models.

    People who rarely post, and just stop by to post a model they have released, are abusing the goodwill of the members here. Those who never or rarely participate, and stop by to advertise a model they are now going to sell, are abusing the good will of the members of this forum.

    This is going to stop, now. There seems to be a small group of persons trying to undermine this forum. They know who they are. They are constantly pushing the same website. They will now do it in P.M.'s, or, better yet, just go to the other forum to which they belong and discuss the matter there. Consider this a warning. I am receiving many P.M.'s from people who do NOT want to see the commercialization of this site. I agree with them. The owners have set the rules and this has created a great environment and opportunity for us. We don't need anyone except members who wish to have fun, share, and build models in peace. Interlopers can go somewhere else. Let's keep ZEALOT, ZEALOT !:)

    The rules are plainly posted. They are here: