Robin,(Matthyro) This hurts

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    Recieved this about an hour ago.I'll admit it brought the tears even though I was expecting it.This is from his daughter Kim.

    Hi Johnathan, my Dad has asked me to forward a message to you. I'm
    going to
    add a note that my Mom wanted you to get before his message tho:

    From Mom (Letty):Robin has chosen to have palliative care at home,
    to the end. There is no treatment for this type of cancer that would
    be of
    much help so we are going for comfort measures with as much quality of
    as possible with family and friends. Fortunatly, a lot of family and
    friends are close at hand. I'm sure he would enjoy a brief visit from
    anyone who is able or would like to visit him once he's settled in at
    We anticipate him coming home Wed. Sept21.

    From Dad:Hi Johnathan my friend,

    We have shared a ton of stuff about our great hobby of model
    over the years. Enjoyment about bringing old and new into the world of
    has been amazing. Now the direction my health is taking makes me
    what is in-store for the future and what it will mean to my
    contribution to
    the hobby will be.

    I know this seems like it is coming out of the blue, but I was
    what you think about some time in the future I know that we
    be looking to selling the house. The big question comes to mind
    dismantelling my railroad and what to do with everything. I'd like to
    any and all items to those that could use them. I do NOT wish to make
    money while going through this process.

    Would you please let the guage members know what I'm thinking about
    regarding the dispersal of my railroad equipment.

    Thanks Johnathan.

    Regards, Robin

    Another quick note from me Johnathan (Kim)....Once Dad is home and if
    feeling up to it, I'll form an inventory of what he's thinking could be
    shipped safely and easily. That way, members of the guage would be
    able to
    let us know what specifically they'd be interested in.

    Thanks for caring, Regards, Kim
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    Dec 21, 2000
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    This is sad news indeed. I have never met Robin and have only talked to him online a couple of times. Being NARA member Number 3 makes me feel as if I have known him for years. He is a great scratchbuild modeler and a true friend of model railroading. "May the peace of the almighty Lord above be with you"
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    Jul 28, 2002
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    This is such sad news I don't quite know what to say.

    There hasn't been a day that Robin and his family haven't been on my mind. I am hoping he will be up for a visit, and that he will be comfortable and well-cared for at home.

    As for his wanting to find good homes for all his wonderful models, I think that's a testament right there to the kind of man Robin is.

    We love you Robin - thank you for everything you have done for us and for the hobby. We hope you'll be able to pop in here from time to time. You've been an inspiration to me ever since I first saw your work. :wave:

  4. screen

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    Aug 18, 2005
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    I don't know this man as I am new to the gauge but I offer prayers for him and his loved ones!

    Is there some local train club that could take his collection so it would be kept together and give it the love he imparted - some place that he would see the happiness on faces as it brought to him? Maybe he has the right idea of giving to others so they may have something always of him - He must be special!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. eightyeightfan1

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Probably the sadest news I heard since being a member here.
    My prayers go out to him and his family.
  6. nachoman

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    Oh dear, this indeed hurts. My thoughts and prayers are with Robin and his family.

  7. Ray Marinaccio

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    Aug 4, 2003
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    Wow, your right Johnathan. This hurts.
  8. slurp

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    Feb 27, 2005
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    Just when you begin to think the world is full of evil and darkness and you begin to despair of ever seeing light and happiness again, a selfless act or gesture like Robin's comes along and gives others hope of a better tomorrow.

    I don't know Robin or his family or any of his history other than what i have read in this thread but can i take a moment to wish that he gets all the comfort, love, respect and admiration he so obviously richly deserves as he winds down lifes branch line for the last time to his final destination.

    Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity Robin.
  9. ezdays

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    Feb 3, 2003
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    There is not doubt that Robin has been an insperation to us all. The King of the Cereal box, modeler extrodinare and friend to us all. This is shocking news and difficult to comprehend. It happened so quickly. Let's hope there is a chance and keep him and his family in all our prayers.
  10. MasonJar

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    Could not have said it better... Wish we didn't have to say it at all :( :( :cry:

  11. 77railer

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    Dec 11, 2004
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    While I cant offer any words that will make the pain and feelings of sadness go away I will pray for his comfort, his family, and his reunion with our heavenly father.

  12. Sir_Prize

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    Mar 5, 2001
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    It does hurt.
    For me it is the lose of another friend on a Model Train Forum.
    At another board I was able to meet the person in the flesh.
    We even had plans to meet; he and his wife were show me
    New York City. That summer he went on.
    Now, I'm facing that again. Although having never met Robin in person...
    at this time I'm trying to figure out how to go about that.
    Not to get something out of the visit... Welll actually...
    It would be to get the chance to shake the hand of a brillant person,
    wonderful craftsmen, and a great human. To get the chance to tweak a
    little from his spirit ,and that his skill might chip just a piece off
    and follow me. Such people are leaving us all, and to quickly.
    Their replacements are almost non-exsistent. With each one the world
    grows colder and less intelligent...
    Yes, less intelligent. This people are able to take things that are nothing
    and it becomes a wonderful, wonderous, creation that is priceless.
    They give from their hearts and see things in the simplicity they should be.

    To heck with this... Robin!
    Fight it man! Fight it all the way!
    Be strong! Be you! Be happy!
    Worry not for tomorrow, for the Lord cares for the smallest bird...
    are you not more important than a bird... So would the Lord not care
    more for you...

    I can only pray the Lord grants a mircale and that this cancer will go away.

    Health, Hope, and Life ever-lasting I pray to you my friend...
    Until we can speak again.
  13. interurban

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    Well said Val as Andrew pointed out I too wish we did not have to say it.
    Robin it was always GREAT to see you at the shows and have lunch with you and Val .
    Val and I plan to see you soon so have the kettle on friend.
  14. ausien

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    Sep 14, 2004
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    Your right Johnathan, this does hurt, I have known off Robin`s illness but only found out today in the chat room that it was terminal.

    My thought`s and prayers go out to him and his family, I to have not met this wonderful modeler, except in the chat room from time to time, and seen his creations on the gauge, he certinly does have a way with cearal boxes, and a few tools, I only wish I was as good as he is, all I can say mate is Keep up the fight mate, we are not ready to lose a modeler and friend yet....Ausien..steve
  15. Pitchwife

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    Apr 24, 2001
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    Just as death is a part of life, inspiration is a part of you Robin.
    I never met you in the flesh, but your amazing ability ability and creative genius will treak my imagination for the rest of my life. I will never look at cardboard the same way again.
    While we all share the sadness of the situation, we should rejoice in the richness you have brought to the lives of all of us.
    I grieve for your family, but I don't worry about you Robin. A man as good as you can only reap the highest rewards.
    I pray for peace and comfort for you, for the all too short time you are with us.
  16. shortliner

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    Dec 23, 2004
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    Being far away in the Highlands of Scotland, I, too, have never met Robin. I've seen his modelling and admired it tremendously. As a non-religious person, can I just add that my thoughts are with you and your family - keep on fightin', all the way
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  17. belg

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    Apr 29, 2001
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    This is sad news indeed, having just lost my Mom to this same dreaded disease it has rekindled sadness I can't control. Robin, I have had some very nice interaction w. you over the years and hope you can live the rest of your life on your terms. Rejoice in your family.
    Your willingness to help all will not soon be forgotten and please stop by when you can. Pat
  18. Will_annand

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    Jan 12, 2004
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    This is indeed bad news, Val has expressed exeactly what my wife and I are feeling. We had the pleasure of visiting the MAT one weekend and we were both richer for meeting Robin and Letty. Our prayers go out to the entire family.
  19. TomPM

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    Oct 15, 2002
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    I don't know what to say at a time like this. I am pretty much floored by the turn of events. I have tried several times to come up with something to say but each time I try it comes up short and pointless.

    We will keep Robin and his family in our prayers.
  20. mhdishere

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    Feb 27, 2003
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    This is truly sad news. Like others here I've never met Robin in person, but I've marvelled at his modelling ability and above that he seems to be a truly nice, decent guy, a gentleman in every sense of the word. God Bless you Robin, you'll continue to be in my prayers.