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    I did some slide cataloging work for a local county historical society when I was shown three boxes of O scale traction models that they had been given. Most of the models in the boxes were never finished and could easily be called parts. However, there were a number that had been completed but were disassembling themselves due to the old glue letting loose. They were becoming kits in spite of the fact that some were obviously mostly scratch built. They dated back to 1950.

    I told you that to tell you this. I decided that a display module would be good and went to a friend to get several of the models put back together. The job has proven to be larger than expected, but we will end up with 7 or 8 finished models.

    Here are the first two (Indiana Prototype).
    Union Traction Company 427 (Ft Wayne)

    and the second is the Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern 61.

    The UTC car is scratchbuilt while the THI&E was from a kit. Both RRs became a part of the Indiana Railroad (Interurban).