Railroad Days in Winslow, Arizona

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    Yeah, it would have been nice to have some advanced notice, but this weekend, April 21-22, in Winslow, Arizona they are holding their second annual Railroad Days. Seems like they're going to be setting up some 5,000 square feet of models in at least three locations. There will be some six clubs setting up there. How did I find out about this event? Well, there was a small article in today's paper in section E. Where are these events being set up? I haven't a clue since the article only said they would be open from 10 AM Sat. and Sun. and that admission is free. I even went to their website: http://www.winslowarizona.org/ and found you have to call someone to get more info. Why all the secrecy? :rolleyes:

    It's way too late for me since I've already got plans for this weekend,:( but I sure hope that they have more publicity earlier for next year because I would have arranged to go had I known about this a month or so ago. The chance to spend another night at the La Posada (Harvey House) Hotel is just too tempting. A railfan's delight.:thumb: :thumb:

    Anyway, let us know if anyone goes up there.