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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, May 15, 2007.

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    well guys it has been some time on the site and i see it has took on a new face..
    but here is my qustion? i have recived a wounderfull gift from the misses that i was wanting for some time she has got me a Paasche ABl turbine (left handed) Double Action Airbrush with 100 extra needles. to replace my old paasche vl from the 70's it is time she had a long rest. i am looking for a good replacement for her and somthing to add for a set to this one i recived. i would also like to add a large spray also . the abl turbine is a hair line to3/4 *this is a needle spray* or known as a professional

    here are my other choices
    paasche :

    model: vsr90#1 fine line to 1' i think
    model:vjr#1 fine to 3/4' nail brush


    model 2020 Have this one
    model 155
    model 100sf "left" Have this one


    beugler pin stripping gun
    professional kit "have this comming other part of my gift"

    i would like to have all of your in put on this and i have some bigg air brushing jobs comming up 2 boats, 3 cars, my dad rig, and about 20 cematary flower baskets. plus all my train stuff.

    thanks to all for your in put . i will post some photos of the basket i did for my boy with my old vl
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    Scoobyloven I cant help you because Ive never used a air brush but will be watching this tread because I will need one soon. So ty for the tread