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    A couple of weeks ago (26 May '04) I got to take some time off work, one of the days I used to fan the Quincy Railroad at that railroad's namesake town in California. Its a little less than a two hour drive from Reno, NV where I live, we arrived just as the No 5 was shoving a cut of cars into the mill.

    Although the Quincy hasn't hauled logs in years, at one time it hauled logs to the Quincy Lumber Company. Many might know this railroad from the series of kits produced by Cambell Scale Models.

    This shortline operates from East Quincy to a connection at Quincy Junction with the Union Pacific Railroad, about 3 miles. The mill associated with the railroad, Sierra Pacific Industries' Qunicy mill, is one of two large log mills left operating in this section of California.

    Thought I'd share a few photos from the day's adventure, which included a cab ride and some run-bys. I've posted a video at Train Orders.Com, which is a subscription site, but for now non members are allowed into the Audio/Video Sharing Area where a video clip can be viewed. The address of TO is: http://www.trainorders.com/ After the page loads, scroll down to the link on the right, click on it, after that page loads, look for the Qunicy video.

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