Quest Morane Salunier A1

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    Model: Morane Saulnier AI
    Publisher: Quest Nr 15
    Designer: Marek Pacynski
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Available from: Hobby Factory

    Model depicted in livery of Willy Coppens de Houthulst. Two pages cardstock (A3, I believe). Written instructions in Polish, but sufficiently detailed construction diagrams that just about anyone who has made a couple of simpler card models should be able to successfully perform the build. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of detail quite good. Detailed rotary engine, machine guns, and framework in the visible area of the cockpit is 3D, not just depicted by artwork. The amount of detail does not put this model into the museum class, but would be a better-than-average starting point for the superdetailers. Printing quality is good. No color voids, precise color registration. Draftmanship good even by current digital standards. Artwork quite good, but more cartoonish in style than photo-realistic....some shading, but no weathering. Extensive use of woodgrain fills. Construction method is butt-jointed segments. Kit is currently available from Hobby Factory for under $5 US. I would not recommend this model to absolute beginners, but it would be a good kit selection for anyone having completed a couple of simple models. Overall grade a B+, with an excellent value-for-cost rating.

    Instructions: B
    Paper quality: B
    Level of detail: B+
    Printing quality: B+
    Artwork: A-
    Value for money: A
    Skill level: Novice

    This model is also available in electronic format from our buddy DeWayne's site, either as download or CD, with price comparable to Hobby Factory's cost when shipping costs are factored in. The CD has both .pdf and .cdr format, unlocked, and very user-friendly. Instructions are in English, and model is sized for printout on US letter size paper. I don't remember offhand regarding this specific CD, but most of DeWayne's CDs come with little extras on them (such as reference photos, photos of completed model, etc.). I bought both the hardcopy and electronic versions, with no second thought at all regarding the duplication. Which medium to get really boils down to personal choice, but if you are into WWI aircraft, this model should be in your collection.